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Vernier Equipment
(gives real time graph data)
Other Equipment
Soil Moisture

Oxygen Sensor
Flip Video Camera
Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Microscope Camera
Surface Temperature Sensor
Plant Equipment (lights, timers, fertilizer, seeds)
Temperature Probe
Acids, Bases
UV Beads
Hand Dynamometer
Vision Charts

Motion Detector
Daphnia Magna
Sound Decibel Measurment
Red Worms
Soil Moisture Probe
Force Plate
Bess Bugs
pH Meter

Decibel Meter

Light sensor (lumens)

Microphone (wavelength)

Picking a Question

Scientific Method

Helpful links for picking a topic:

http://bit.ly/y5P8Xp Google Science Fair

Important Files- Requirements and Rubrics for 2nd Quarter!
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