First Proposal- The Different Effects of Fish Food Brands on Guppies
By: Ceci Boore and Kaylinn Tessendorf- First Hour

We chose to do our ISP on how different of fish food can affect guppies differently. There are many different brands of fish food. There are Tetra, Hikari, Omega One, Aqueon, API, and Top Fin(PetSmart). There are also many different types of fish food. For example, there are manufactured, freeze-dried, and live(Aquatic Community). We plan on feeding the fish for four weeks and every day measure their color and their weight. To find their weight, we will have a pre-determined amount of water and have that on the scale and the scale zeroed. Then we will measure how much each guppy weighs. We also plan having each bowl the same temperature, with the same amount of water and food.


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Our hypothesis is if we feed guppies different types of fish food, then they will “develop”, change color, or grow differently.


• 5 guppies
• Water
• Different brands of fish food
• Measuring Ruler (in.)
• 5 Fish Bowls



* Our conclusion is still in process because we are still measuring our fish. *

We are doing this because we wish to know how different types of food affect fish. How will we do this? We will measure the four fish each Friday to see if their assigned fish food affected them in any possible way. One fun fact about fish and fish food is, "Most fish have taste buds all over their body." (Fish, April 9th 2012). This would make me wonder if the taste buds affected the color of their body, since most fish have taste buds all over their body. We both think this is a great experiment to conduct.
*Background above*
We measure the guppies every Friday with a measuring ruler on the inches side. We feed them a pinch of their assigned fish food every weekday.